Parent Testimonials

Parents share their experiences with Lutheran schools.

From Andrea: Christian education until eighth grade makes the best base to be mature in your faith and stand up for it in life.

From Robin: Our children obtain a quality education that includes the Word of God which provides a foundation for all learning (academic/arts, physical, and social & emotional). It reinforces our children’s and our Christian faith. School, teachers, staff, students and families share our values. Teachers and staff are caring and the school becomes an extension of the children’s family. Children recognize and know their future teachers. Long lasting relationships are developed. Certified teachers work with students and parents to provide quality education and for students to reach academic achievement. It is important for our children to receive a quality education intertwined with the Word of God.

From Lisa: The world strives harder and harder to conform our children to its standards, and their focus seems to target especially young adults. As parents, we demand that the gospel message, the sharing and teaching of God’s love take precedence. We appreciate that our Lutheran school partners with us in sharing this in all aspects of their learning and developing into faithful, loving, Christian adults.

From Kristin: My husband and I never attended Lutheran Schools so when we first enrolled our son Josh, we thought we would just keep him there for a few years and then transition him into the public schools. Josh was in a small class, and we were afraid he would have trouble transitioning. Each year he had such an awesome education and more importantly was growing in his faith. We ended up keeping him in the Lutheran school until 8th grade and never regretted it. He was really nervous about starting high school somewhere different, but he got involved in sports and other activities which helped him meet other kids. I see the influence that Lutheran schools had on him in the papers he writes for class where he talks about his faith and in his choice of friends. There will be challenges and societal influences that he will come across, but I know that the strong faith that he developed by attending a Lutheran school.

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