Students at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School regularly perform well on standardized tests, typically scoring one grade level above their actual grade placement. We are proud of their strong level of achievement.

The results of standardized achievement tests can provide unique information about individual students and classes that can be used for instructional planning. This information supplements teacher observations and provides a starting point for monitoring year-to-year student development.

IOWA Test Results

Students take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. At this time we have chosen to not administer the M-STEP at our school. The M-STEP is a criterion-referenced test instead of a normed-referenced test which means that the M-STEP measures the student’s progress against the state academic standards. The Iowa Test, a normed referenced test, measures a student’s abilities against the students represented in the total student population. The Iowa test has subtests in reading, word analysis, listening, language, math, social studies, science, and sources of information.

IOWA Test Results, spring 2015

Grade Average
grade score
1 2.2 complete composite score
2 3.3 complete composite score
3 4.0 complete composite score
4 6.4 complete composite score
5 7.5 complete composite score
6 8.1 complete composite score
7 7.6 complete composite score
8 11.8 complete composite score


Accelerated Reader Program

First and second grades have been honored with a Master Classroom award received in achievements for reading by the Accelerated Reading Program. More information about the AR program at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School is available on the STAR program page.