Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)

What is the TRIP?

TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program.

TRIP = SCRIP (gift cards) + Meijer Community Rewards

The TRIP fundraising program can be used by school families to offset the cost of tuition, registration, or even the cost of milk, lunch, and extended care. School supporters can use TRIP to donate to the school’s general operating fund. School families must fill out a TRIP Enrollment Form if they would like to use the earnings for tuition reduction or other school expenses. If no registration form is on file with the TRIP coordinator, the earnings will be donated to the general operating fund.

Two times a year (January and July) school families receive a letter from the TRIP coordinator that tells them how much they have earned. The family may choose to write their next tuition check less the amount they have in their TRIP account, or they may use their TRIP money to pay for registration, lunch, milk, or extended care. We had two families earn over a thousand dollars in one year!

There are two parts to TRIP: the Meijer Community Rewards card, and gift cards, sometimes called scrip cards.

Meijer Community Rewards

Meijer offers a Community Rewards program, but you must get their credit card. When you use their credit card, 1% of your purchases are donated to SOTL and deposited into your TRIP account. Purchases made with cash or a PIN-based debit card and a swiped Meijer card earn 0.5%. If you already have a Meijer One card, call 800-962-7011 and enroll with the SOTL organization code of 505736. Read more at Meijer Community Rewards.


Shop With Scrip

The second part of the program is purchasing gift cards, also called scrip cards. When gift cards are purchased through our program, a percentage of the sale is donated back to that family’s TRIP account. You may purchase cards for your personal use or to give as gifts. Some popular cards are Target, WalMart, Home Depot, Kohls, Little Caesars, other restaurants, and gas stations. Families will earn more money if they use gift cards to make their normal purchases.

  • Paper order forms can be found by the SCRIP drop-off box at the school entrance. After selecting the gift cards you would like, drop off the form with a check made out to SOTL in the SCRIP drop-off box by Monday night.
  • School families are encouraged to order their gift cards online at Be sure to use SOTL Enrollment Code 97123B443748.You may then print out your form and put it in a SCRIP drop-Off box with your check attached.
  • Online payment is also available. “PrestoPay” has a $0.15 fee per transaction. PrestoPay does take a few days for the initial set-up and verification.
  • Different from paying online is ScripNow. ScripNow is the quickest way to purchase scrip for you or a friend. If you use PrestoPay you can get the gift certificates in just minutes. If you are paying by check, your scrip will be available the morning after scrip orders are due (Tuesday) instead of waiting until the delivery day (Friday). You can read more about ScripNow here.
  • Orders are placed September through May, at least every other Monday. June through August, orders are placed once a month.
  • All orders must be submitted and paid for (either online or by check in the drop-off boxes) by Monday night.
  • Orders are ready on Friday. School families have the option of having their orders sent home with their kids. You may also pick up your order at the school office.


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