Member Tuition

It was determined that a formal process would be used to demonstrate membership qualification for the member tuition rate and that this benefit should be available to those members who have “active fellowship” with the church and the furthering of God’s kingdom.

The process adopted for demonstrating “active fellowship” has been defined as follows: At least one of the school family members needs to be in attendance at least 50% of the weekly church services for a period of six months prior to a given school semester. A new member family joining Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church and School will receive reduced tuition the first semester after joining SOTL.

Attendance is tabulated from the attendance cards that are located in the church pews and are collected during the offering. The information on these cards is entered in a congregational database for historical record keeping. For this reason, it is very important to complete the attendance cards each week while at the worship service!  

If there is a family situation or other issue that makes it difficult to attend worship on a regular basis or impedes their ability to participate in any SOTL fellowship ministry activities, then these individual circumstances can most assuredly be addressed on a one-on-one basis with a pastor or school principal in order to work out a suitable arrangement for all involved. The intent is to include, not exclude, members from the member tuition rate.

Those who are not SOTL members but attend another LCMS church are also eligible for the member rate.


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