Refer a Friend Bonus

Refer a Friend Bonus is an exciting way that we can use the existing families of our school to share with everyone the great news of Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School.

We invite you to earn a Refer a Friend Bonus in one of two ways.

OPTION #1 – Share the contact information of a potential new family with the recruitment coordinator or the school office.

The referring family can help the recruitment coordinator with information about the new family that will assist in effective communication.  It is beneficial to both the new family and the recruitment coordinator to note any specific concerns of the new family so that those issues will be specifically addressed.

OPTION #2 – A new family shares with the recruitment coordinator the name of the referring family.

Please note that if one family provides the referral, but another family serves as the encouraging channel of communication, then the bonus may be divided between the two current school families. This is at the discretion of the recruitment coordinator.



The Refer a Friend bonus amount is $100 paid to a current school family for referring a new family that enrolls a student in our preschool or elementary school. The bonus is awarded to the referring family only if the new family maintains enrollment for the entire school year. The referring family’s final tuition payment for the year will reflect a $100 credit. If the referring family has prepaid tuition in order to receive the 3% discount, then the $100 credit will be reflected in the following year’s tuition or can be credited to the family’s Fast Direct account. This bonus program does not apply to any employees of Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church or School.


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